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Based on the State of Ohio recommendations,

the board has decided to cancel the April meeting. 

We will consider each month individually, and wait until mid April to decide on May.  

The AAW National Symposium in June is still going forward (as of now).  The AAW is monitoring the situation and will be deciding closer to the event.  They have announced a policy of eliminating all cancellation fees.   I would imagine that the group discount for NCWT members is not going to happen..  If you still wish to register, do not wait for the next club meeting but register directly through AAW.  






Meetings are held usually the first Saturday of every month at 6916 Stadium Dr.,  Brecksville, Ohio.  

Doors open about 8:30am and meetings begin at 9:30am.  The public is invited and welcome to attend.  There will be a small fee when a Pro-Turner is scheduled to demonstrate and the fee is collected at the beginning of the meeting.