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Charities NCWT Supports

Our Club members generously support various charities by donating wood-turned goods and funding. 

Charities we have donated to in the past and continue to support are:

Bowls for Hunger.  Brecksville Kiwanis and Broadview Hts Rotary hosts an annual dinner whereby attendies purchasing tickets to the dinner receive a small wood-turned bowl to place at home in view to remind them of those who need the pantry food supply.  Brecksville Kiwanis and Broadview Hts Rotary have combined their volunteer effort to condust the dinner event.  Brecksville - Broadview Hts, OH Food Bank is the beneficary of dinner ticket funds.

Beads of Courage has been a charity we have donated lidded boxes with a bead embedded usually in the lid to UPMC Pediatric Cancer care in Pittsburg, PA.   Each child battling cancer there receives a bowl to collect beads they receive as they complete a level of care.   Their collection of beads encourages them to continue their fight and see how many beads and bead designs they collect along their journey.

Pens for Troops Our Troops receive a wood-turned pen made by members either of their own design and supplies or using a pen kit donated by WoodCraft. 

ALS  (Lou Gehrig's Disease)  Annualy has an auction to fund research to solve this life-threatening disease.  Our Club members turn an item such as a bowl which can be used in a cullinary setting or be of artistic value.  The organization we donate to is based in Cleveland, OH.  Contributions can be made through Monetary Funds or Wood-turned items from our Club members.  Attached  is a  ALS Donation Form to download, complete information and submit.  Donations can be made anytime of the year.