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Alumilite  -  resins and mold making supplies
Arizona Silhouette  -  pen supplies
Berea Hardwoods  -  pen supplies
Century Tree  -  wood blanks
Craft Supplies
Doll Lumber  - domestic hardwood blanks
Don Pencil  -  faceplates
Eddie Catlin  -  online videos, carbide cutters
Exotic Pen Blanks
Got Wood, LLC  -  turning blanks
Harbor Freight
Love 2 Turn
Magical Wood Products
One Good Turn  -  Brian McEvoy
Penn State Industries
Pen Turners Products
Star Bond  -  superglue
Thompson Tools
TMI - vacuum chuck from Dave Hout demo.
Torne  -  bottle stoppers and pendant supplies
Trent Bosche Tools - also is a distributor for Robust Lathes
Vince's Wooden Wonders 
Wood N Whimsies  -  pen supplies