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The links below are only for club members.  Videos are of demos in their entirety.  


Mike Nathal - Repairing Cracks

Larry McCardel Platter

Joe Herrmann Square Bowl

Pete Wade Cremation Urn

Brian Becker Yarn Spinner

Dave Hout Platters part 1

Dave Hout Platters part 2

Tom Olechiw End Grain Potatochip

Mike Nathal Emerging Bowl

Pete Wade 2 Ways to Thread Chase

Derek Weidman Sculptural Forms Part 1

Derek Weidman Sculptural Forms Part 2

Mike Trucco Wooden Hats Part 1

Mike Trucco Wooden Hats Part 2

Charles Farrar Part 1 Hammered Wood Process

Charles Farrar Part 2 Hammered Wood Process

Tim Niewiadomski Adding Plugs to Segmented Turning

Mike Nathal turns a hollow form using a camera

Tom Olechiw turns three lidded boxes

Pete Wade Hollow Form Tubes

Embellishments Graeme & Melissa Part 1

Embellishments Graeme & Melissa Part 2

Mike Nathal turning Travel Mug

Denny Watson Boxes                                         

Jamie Donaldson Square Bowl 

Jamie Donaldson Winged Bowl 

Jamie Donaldson Suspended Bowl 

Mo Youssefi Spiral and Overlap Carving

George Raeder Woodturning Design

Tom Olechiw Tool Making

Mike Nathal Offset Bat

Dirk Falther Twisted Peppermill

Mike Hosaluk Top

Mike Hosaluk Mallet

Mike Hosaluk Offset Candlestick

Mike Hosaluk Ball

Mike Hosaluk Ladle

Mike Hosaluk Goblet

Mike Hosaluk Winged Bowl

Mike Hosaluk Footed Bowl

Mike Hosaluk Thin Bowl

Frank Johannesen Shaping a Hollow Form

Frank Johannesen Hollowing a Hollow Form

Frank Johannesen Top and Bottom

Frank Johannesen Finishing Hollow Form

Frank Johannesen Alternate Shaping Technique

Joe Herrmann Square Bowl

Jim Duxbury Tools and Tips

Jim Duxbury Illusions

Johannes Michelson Hats Part 1

Johannes Michelson Hats Part 2

Bob Baucom  Balloon Ormament

Bob Baucom  Penguin Ormament

Bob Baucom Candle Ornament

Bob Baucom Lantern Ornament

Tom Olechiw Three Legged Stool

Mike Nathal Sphericons and Streptohedrons

Pete Wade Wind Chimes

Devon Palmer Multi-Axis Peppermill

Dave Bettler Stump Box

Ron Tomasch Bowl Coring

Barry Todd Finial & Hollow Forms

Keith Gotschall Winged Bowl

Keith Gotschall Off Center Platter

Keith Gotschall Salturn

Becky Maruca Mouse Ornament

Matt Harber Embellishing

Jim Echter Using the Skew

Jim Echter Spindle Projects

Tom Olechiw Canteen

Lyle Jamieson Hollow Form

Mike Nathal 5 Ways to Turn a Sphere

Pete Wade 40/40 Grind Push Cut Bowl

Show and Tell 10/31/2020

Joe Brinkman Embellishment Techniques

Pete Wade Segmenting for Dummies

Mike Nathal Hollowing for Dummies

Tom Olechiw Bee Hive Yarn Bowl

Tips and Tricks 2021

Chris Parker Texturing Demo 2021

Tom Olechiw Finishing 2022

Multi-Axis Hollow Form Mike Nathal 2022

Bowl in Bowl Ron Tomasch 2022

Canteen Vase by Reinhold Friebertshauser 2022

Joe Herrmann Gnome and Snowman

Ernie Conover Spindle Turning 101

Tom Olechiw Smoking Snowman

Dick Crop Christmas Ornament

Tom Olechiw Dyed Rim Platter

Mike Nathal Non Hollow Forms

Tom Olechiw Winged Box

Dave Qualls Resin Demo

Pete Wade Three Sided Bowl Demo