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                                      North Coast Woodturners

           Professional Turner Hands-on Class - Sign Up and Tuition Rules
It has been the practice of North Coast Woodturners to schedule a hands-on class on the
Sunday followingaprofessional demo.Since each pro agreeing to do a workshop may offer it
with restrictions or conditions, and because certain monthly meetings require a shortened
business session, exceptions to the following procedures will be noted when necessary.
As soon as feasible after a pro turner is scheduled to conduct a hands-on class, the date will
be announced at a club general meeting then documented in the club’s monthly newsletter.
The cost will normally be $100 for the classand members in good standing may sign up
immediately. Monitoring or free observation of the class will not be permitted.
Class size is determined by the pro. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If
more than eight members sign up immediately, the names of all registrants will be drawn
from a bowl and numbered in order drawn. Any members requesting registration after the
drawing will be added to the standby list in the order of sign up date.
Once the pro announces probable workshop topics, and how many students will be allowed,
members will be asked to submit their payment. A check made out to NCWTis preferred but
cash will be accepted. Any registrant not paid up by the third meeting before the class will be
asked to confirm interest and to arrange immediate payment. Any non-paying registrant will
be replaced by the next member on the standby list. The new registrant will be asked to make
payment as soon as possible or forfeit the position to the nextperson on the list.
There will be no refunds once the payment has been made unless the pro cancels the class.
If a member must cancel for any reason, it is up to him to fill his spot and to seek
reimbursement from an interested member. The vice president will assist by maintaining the
standby list and providing potential names to the person who must cancel.
The club will provide up to nine lathes, turning tools for all but the Oneway, face shields, and
wood blanks. For individual planning purposes, lathe choice will be determined by lottery held
a month or more before the class. Workshop attendees are expected to assist with classroom
setup and to help with cleanup after the class.
The vice president will collect all payments,maintain all lists, signup dates, check numbers,
payment dates, lottery results, etc., so as to serve as focal point for the pro events. As
program manager, he will decide onany exceptions based on circumstances. If necessary, he
will also determine if signup must be opened to other clubs or to non-members.
NCWT Documents Pro Turner Hands-on Class Rules.docx Revised 11/2/2013